5 Steps to Protecting Our Children

This guide is designed to help adults protect children from sexual abuse by providing simple and practical actions to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Explore SEL

This is designed as a navigator for the field of social and emotional learning. It provides information and tools that summarize and connect the major frameworks and skills.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo has created short videos and activities about growth mindset, perseverance, empathy, and gratitude.

NASA & 4-H

NASA and 4-H partnered to create Expeditionary Skills, a series of activities designed to help youth prepare for life and work.

Two By Two Character Development

This nonprofit develops character education programs for schools, childcare, families, and your life.

RESOURCES FOR TEACHING SEL rounded up resources for teaching SEL to children living with and without disabilities.

SEL podcast

This wide-ranging, three-episode series breaks down the what, why and how of SEL.

Bearapy Bookshelf

Check out self-published books that align with CASEL Standards. Find live streams by licensed social workers, play therapists who provide Tier 1, 2, and 3 interventions and engagement.

Better Help

Better help has more than 2,400 articles relating to mental health and awareness-related topics.


A report about The Emergence of the Positive Youth Development (PYD) Perspective; good information about the 5 C's of Positive Youth Development Model.

Defending Childhood

This site addresses childhood trauma, particularly witnessing violence, and offers resources to educators to help children.

Finding Common Ground

This brief talks about the continuum between school-day and afterschool learning in the context of social & emotional learning.

WINGS for Kids

Social and emotional learning curriculum that can be weaved into after school programs.

SEEDS Training

World class youth development programs that increase empathy, boost grades, transform school cultures and build lifelong learners.

Getting Started With Educational Equity

This guide, produced by the Leading Equity Center, has ten steps to get you on the right path towards leading equity. Download this free guide and get started.

Education Associates: Life Ready

Competency-based programs to prepare learners to be life ready

Kids Included Together

This site contains resources to help organizations meaningfully include kids with disabilities.

Social-Emotional Learning Through Afterschool

This article highlights strategies to support social and emotional learning in afterschool.

Mindfulness in Afterschool

Produced by Temescal Associates, this PDF document contains 16 sessions of mindfulness activities in an out-of-school setting.

AIM Buddy Project

Media-rich, supplemental curriculum that leverages a cross-grade buddy learning platform to promote social & emotional learning.

Parent Toolkit

This SEL toolkit offers resources based on CASEL's five interrelated sets of competencies.

Morningside Center

Quick and simple lesson plans and activities that help teach and reinforce social emotional skills.

Hello Idaho!

This is a year-round campaign by Optum providing tools for families, students, businesses, and community members to help address and reduce both emotional and physical isolation.

Honor feelings and choose behavior.  Find empathy & compassion, confidence, and safe expression. Get some cardboard and markers. Learn the language of color. Find new conversations, new behaviors, and renewed connections.

A Nation at Hope

These communication resources will help you effectively engage with multiple audiences about the development of social, emotional, and cognitive skills in children.

This Time With Feeling

This report by the Aspen Institute describes the connection between College & Career Readiness Standards and Social & Emotional Development.


Designed for K-6, these free activities will teach students about impulse control, social initiation, cooperation, empathy, communication, etc.

Tools for Self-Directed Learning

Six tools that you can teach teenagers to learn in order to better access content and learn efficiently.

Walk in My Shoes

Produced by Kansas State College of Education, this documentary describes what life is like for military families and how educators can help these students.

What is Trauma-Informed Care?

This video shares the lifelong impact that trauma can have on health, and how trauma-informed care can create a more welcoming environment.

Science Can Help the Emotional Wellbeing of Youth

Explore tools to assist children with the challenges they face due to COVID-19.