Idaho Out-of-School Network's 2022-2023 Grant Evaluation (Utah Education Policy Center)

A comprehensive, external evaluation of ION's OST Enrichment & Idaho Community Program Grants.

Idaho Community Programs for Youth (ICPfY)

Utah Education Policy Center 2021-2022 Evaluation Report

Unstable Footing: Child Care Funding Crisis in Idaho

Idaho First Steps Alliance December 2022 Report

Early Childhood Care & Education Workforce

IdahoSTARS 2022 Workforce Report

2018 Idaho Out-of-School Program STEM Survey Results

Published in 2018, these results show data from more than 130 OST programs in Idaho that offer STEM programming.

This is Afterschool In Idaho

Published by Afterschool Alliance, this report summarizes data taken from the America After 3 PM survey.

America After 3 PM

Published by the Afterschool Alliance in 2020, this is the report from the America After 3 PM Survey.

The Hispanic Profile Data Book for Idaho, 4th Edition

Christy Dearien, from the University of Idaho's McClure Center for Public Policy Research was the lead author for the Hispanic Data Book. She collected and compiled all of the data with a goal of "working towards educational, economic, and social equality for Hispanics in Idaho." Published: 2017

Voices for Healthy Kids: 2019-2020 Progress Report

Voices for Healthy Kids believes that they must use policy change to disrupt age-old systems and practices that enable racism and oppression to achieve equitable health and well-being, making each day healthier for all children. They aim for a world where equity exists in all communities, health disparities have significantly decreased, and every child has healthy food and safe places to play. This is their annual report.

Building Partnerships in Support of Where, When, & How Learning Happens

Published October 2018, this report talks about afterschool programs' role in supporting social and emotional learning.

Council for a Strong America Report: From Risk to Opportunity: Afterschool Programs Keep Kids Safe When Juvenile Crime Peaks

Published by the Council for a Strong America with support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, this report shows the impact of afterschool programs on improving public safety, increasing student academic performance, and saving taxpayer dollars, among other outcomes. Published in October 2019

Effective Summer Programming: What Educators and Policymakers Should Know

Published in American Educator, this article reviews a meta-analysis done of summer learning programs. It explains seven components of quality summer learning programs. Published: 2018

Hunger Doesn't Take a Vacation: Summer Nutrition Status Report

Published in June 2018 by the Food Research & Action Center, this report details the participation in the Summer Nutrition Programs, including Idaho data.

Full STEM Ahead: Afterschool Programs Step Up as Key Partners in STEM Education

Published as part of the America After 3 PM Series by the Afterschool Alliance, this document highlights the need for STEM programming.

Barriers to Success: America's Promise Alliance

While many young people in America continue to be bombarded by severe adversity, few receive the supports and resources they need to cope and succeed. The Center for Promise is intent on learning more about the effects of ALEs and the kinds of support and resources youth need to thrive in spite of them. Published: May 2017

After-School and Beyond: A 15-Year History of TASC (The After-School Corporation)

ExpandED Schools published this document that shares research on the benefits of After-School and the history of TASC/ExpandED Schools. Published: 2014

Afterschool Programs: A Review of Evidence Under the Every Student Succeeds Act

Published by the Wallace Foundation, this research review describes more than 60 afterschool programs that meet the most rigorous evidence standards of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act.