A well-managed learning environment is the foundation for positive relationships and academic success!

Kristal Kangas-HanesDirector, Cascade After School Program
"The Behavior Management Institute has provided our after school program community team with shared research-based behavior planning and modification processes which we have implemented in our program in each of our varied learning environments; on school premises, in community venues, and in the outdoors. With the new insights our team gained, we designed and formulated a behavior plan that follows our students throughout the community, and has helped to provide our students predictable and stable behavioral expectations. Our programming time has become a richer place to grow, and more importantly, safely make mistakes with the love and support of our teachers and peers. The BMI training facilitated by Idaho Outdoor Network has been one of the most valuable trainings for the success of our fledgling program to date."

Behavior Management Institute: Team Applications Coming in November!

In Tier 1 (Behavior Management 101) participants will explore:

  • Building Rapport and Relationships
  • Creating and Teaching Consistent and Effective Expectations
  • Acknowledging Positive Behavior and Providing Effective Feedback
  • Implementing Consistent and Predictable Consequences

In Tier 2 (Trauma Informed Practices) Participants will explore:

  • The importance of creating positive learning environments
  • Trauma: what it is, the prevalence, the impact
  • Trigger and the escalation cycle
  • Trauma-sensitive classroom practices

Tier 3 (Youth Mental Health) - Coming in 2022!

  • Youth Mental Health: what are the concerns, what is positive mental health
  • Building systems that meet students needs
  • Expanding on Trauma-sensitive classroom practices

More Information

BMI 2022 Information


     Tier 1: February 14, 2022 | Time TBA

     Tier 2: February 15, 2022 | Time TBA

     Tier 3: February 16, 2022  | Time TBA

Location: Boise State University 

Individual Registration Cost: $50 (payment will be due at time of registration)

Training Information: Dr. Katie Azevedo, along with the Idaho Out-of-School Network, has designed the Behavior Management Institute (BMI) to provide research-based strategies to providers serving all ages of youth in an out-of-school time setting.

A well-managed learning environment is a foundation for positive relationships and academic success!

Team Information: The training is intended to be a team approach to behavior management. Although it is recommended to have individuals attend from the same program/site location for an immersive experience, it is open to any combination of providers that identify as a team.

Tiers: There are 3 Tiers to choose from:

     1. Behavior Management 101 - for teams just starting their behavior management journey.

     2. Trauma Informed Practices - for teams that have already taken Behavior Management 101*

     3.  Youth Mental Health - For teams that have taken BOTH BMI 101 and Trauma Informed Practice *

*A team is welcome to take Tier 1 and then advance to Tier 2  on the following day (or Tier 2 to Tier 3), but you will need a separate team application. One application for each day.



The purpose of the new Center is to improve the capacity of schools to establish, scale-up, and sustain the PBIS framework to (a) scale up tier 2 and 3 systems to improve outcomes for students with or at-risk for disabilities, (b) enhance school climate and school safety, and (c) improve conditions for learning to promote the well-being of all students.
Increasing Idaho’s student achievement through creating an integrated system of sustainable support at the school level to meet every student’s needs.


The Idaho Positive Behavior Network, in partnership with the Idaho Out-of-School Network, held its first annual Behavior Management Institute on February 27 and 28, 2020 at Boise State University.

In this webinar participants will learn more about the Idaho Out-of-School Behavior Management Institute. Who is it for, who can attend, and how to apply.