Jannus DEI statement

The Idaho Out-of-School Network’s (ION) mission is to ensure Idaho’s youth have access to high quality out-of-school (OST) programs.
The research on OST programs reveals that youth consistently enrolled in quality programs perform better academically, have better school attendance, adapt better socially, are more likely to graduate from high school and go-on to higher learning.
Research also reveals that they are less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors that may lead to crime, substance abuse or teen parenthood. New studies are showing that OST programs are helping close the achievement gap of students across income levels. The ION is the only program of its kind in Idaho, though all 50 states have launched similar programs.
The ION does not directly offer out-of-school programs; the focus is to advocate and promote the benefits of out-of-school programming, help connect families and youth to a program and support providers with resources and training to enrich and expand their programming and services.

From October 2020 -September 2023, ION will be working on the following goal areas: (1) Increase awareness about and access for out-of-school programs, (2) Organize policy and partnerships for out-of-school programs, and (3) Nurture quality and professional development for out-of-school programs. We are bringing public and private sectors together to accomplish these goals, as well as to affect policy for and investment in the quality and expansion of Idaho’s OST programs.


ION is continuing to build and maintain a program directory as well as a partnership directory. ION regularly increases awareness of out-of-school and it's importance via a monthly newsletter, social media posts, creating program profiles, holding annual roundtables, and more.


ION is working to sustain/develop funding that will support out-of-school programming. ION regularly participates in relevant advocacy days at the Capitol, hosts a panel at the Power Up Summit, and encourages programs to participate in Lights On Afterschool each October.


ION continues to maintain and grow the Idaho Building Blocks for Out-of-School Time Quality. ION also provides access to resources and trainings via an online professional development calendar, online resources, monthly webinars, and an annual summit.

ION History

The Idaho Out-of-School Network (ION) officially kicked off in October of 2014 after a year of laser-focused planning. Yet, the Idaho Out-of-School Network has roots that began in 2006 with Governor Kempthorne as the Idaho AfterSchool Alliance. Governor Risch continued the program, but unfortunately due to budget cuts, it was not able to sustain itself and ended in 2007.
Yet, those that saw the vision of what a program could do for Idaho, never let the concept die. In the planning stages, we were able to seek feedback and guidance to ensure a strong foundation for a sustainable program. Before the relaunch, Idaho was one of only six states that did not have a statewide program like the Idaho Out-of-School Network.
Thanks to a grant from the C.S.Mott Foundation, matched by Idaho dollars, ION continues to do its important work.
In 2017, the Network changed its name from Idaho AfterSchool Network to Idaho Out-of-School Network to better reflect the nature of our work.

The Idaho Out-of-School Network is working hard to provide out-of-school programs with resources, tools, and trainings that they need in order to run successful programs and reach more youth. Below are some ways the Idaho Out-of-School Network can serve your program including the following:

-Professional Development & Trainings
-Lights On Afterschool
-Grants & Funding
-Program Support & Promotion
-Press Coverage
-Virtual or In-Person Roundtables
-Program Profile
-Newsletter & Social Media
-Site Visits