The "Idaho Building Blocks for Out-of-School Time Quality" provide a baseline of quality and are the foundation from which to build quality programming for school-age programs including: before school, after-school, summer learning, clubs, sports, and other youth programming.

Goals for Quality Standards

Why are quality standards critical to the field?


• Define what quality out-of-school time programming looks like.


• Serve as a foundation for decisions and practices in all settings and programs.


• Establish a set of standards that support the professionalization of the youth development field.


• Provide an ongoing framework to advance the field and increase the quality of programs offered.

How Can A Program Use The Building Blocks?

  • Assess the quality of a program through self-assessment and determine areas to work on for quality improvement!
  • Identify specific areas of need and areas that a program is doing well!
  • Help families and communities understand the expectations of out-of-school time professionals and organizations!
  • Create a framework for schools, communities, and programs to determine what a quality program looks like and how it can have a positive result for children and youth!

Who Else Can Use the Building Blocks?