The Idaho Out-of-School Network is part of a national effort helping girls re-imagine who can engineer, who can build and who can make. We are working with our allies to inspire and prepare the next generation  by engaging one million more girls in STEM learning in afterschool and summer programs over the next 5 years.


Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to the resources and guidance to help all youth develop an engineering mindset, there are also multiple professional development opportunities available FREE of charge. Click the button below to access the resources.

Engineering Mindset

One of the primary goals of engineering education is to promote the development of an engineering mindset. Also referred to as "engineering practices" or "engineering habits of mind", the engineering mindset refers to the values, attitudes, and thinking skills associated with engineering.

See the graphic below to see the 10 practices of high-quality engineering experiences that help students develop and strengthen an Engineering Mindset. Click the button for a document that describes the 10 practices in detail.

Equity and Inclusion Framework

While Million Girl Moonshot initiative's goal is focused on increasing the number of girls with an engineering mindset and a STEM identity- the Initiative will benefit all students, improving the overall quality of all afterschool STEM opportunities and lifting up both boys and girls as they become future innovators. They have developed an Equity and Inclusion Framework that will be a useful guide. The framework is a way to illustrate the particular concepts and variables that are connected to a specific issue (e.g. Equity and Inclusion). It can serve as a map, illustrating connections, and a way of identifying strategies and actions for addressing the specific issues.

Engineering Resources

Million Girls Moonshot has compiled several resources that support the engineering mindset. These can be found on ION's STEM Resources page. Click the button below to access that page.