Find Your Local Lab

There are 28 TMC Labs operating across Idaho. Each mobile makerspace is operated by a local organization. Some groups  work with local partners to attend outside events and may charge fees to cover costs. Use the map below to find and contact a TMC lab host near you. 

Host Your Own TMC Lab

ION owns 12 TMC labs that are operated by hosting organizations. We are currently seeking applications for a new host for one TMC Lab in the Coeur d'Alene area.  Priority consideration will be given to organizations that work with underserved populations and have the capacity to share the TMC Lab and its resources with members of their community.

Host Youth STEM Ambassadors

TMC Labs are looking for youth organizations who can supervise high-school pre-apprentices and receive on-the-job training for youth program staff to become STEM Supervisors. See Program Requirements.

Contact Amy Post, TMC Labs Project Coordinator for more information on TMC Labs.

Information About Hosting

Hosts are be responsible for: 1) Setting up, cleaning and securing their lab, 2) Ordering and re-stocking materials (grants may be available), 3) Participating in online training and in-person events, 4) Participating in a Certified DOS observation of the program, and 6) Participating in a TMC LabsTM online community with other Hosting groups. 

Direct operating costs include staffing, new tires or tail- lights, and consumable supplies. Information on where to find donated materials and equipment will be shared between hosts on the TMC webpage. “Re-wrapping” if desired would also need to be paid by the host group. Drivers of vehicles pulling labs must provide auto liability coverage extending to the TMC lab. Host organizations are encouraged to fundraise to help cover costs, special tools, materials and supplies.

Each host group should have at least one Lead Educator as well as other professional users who will participate in a TMC Labs Community Forum. These users will be supported with online and in-person training events and help us collect evaluation information and improve the program. 

Hosts are expected to submit online user reports. If a local host is not able to consistently utilize a lab, it could be reclaimed by ION and offered to another host. Over the course of hosting the lab, the host organization is expected to participate in the Dimensions of Success (DOS) observational program to support programmatic quality and professional development. 

Hosting Agreements include:

  • Training and other resources offered to hosts and users
  • Maintenance and restocking requirements for the lab
  • Evaluation criteria and process for return of the lab if needed
  • Insurance requirements for transporting a lab.

TMC Ownership

TMC Labs are either owned by ION or the University of Idaho Extension 4-H Program, or by youth programs or school districts who have purchased them from ION. Organizations interested in purchasing a lab rather than operating under a hosting agreement are encouraged to contact Anna Almerico.

Supporters & Business Partners

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TMC Intellectual Property

Idaho TMC LabsTM Intellectual Property Policy

All materials, including but not limited to the activity guide, videos, lessons, and trainings developed under the Idaho TMC MOU Agreement will become the intellectual property of ION and UI as co-patent owners of TMC LabsTM in Idaho. All such, will be shared with partners with signed Hosting Agreements and all partners included in this MOU under “Project Leadership” at no charge for non-commercial use in perpetuity. No partner can share, publish, or release copies of any or all part of the educational materials without prior approval from ION and UI.