About TMC

Think, Make, Create Labs

Think Make Create Labs (TMC) is a collaborative partnership of educational programs, agencies and private sponsors who support a fleet of 28 mobile makerspace learning labs across Idaho. The concept was developed in Nebraska and is licensed for use in Idaho by the ION and the UI-Extension 4-H Youth Program.  More than 30,000 youth in rural and other underserved Idaho communities have used a TMC lab. 

Idaho's New Think, Make, Create Labs

This is the first initiative of the Idaho STEM Ecosystem --  a network of educators and supporters of STEM education. TMC Labs are designed to facilitate hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math learning (STEAM).  Labs are provided at little or no cost to selected after-school programs, schools or other Hosting Organizations. TMC Hosting Organizations provide staff for the labs and keep them STEAMing ahead and exciting youth across Idaho.

Our Leadership Team:  University of Idaho Extension Services 4-H Youth Development program, the Idaho Out-of-School Network, Idaho STEM Action Center, Gizmo-CdA, the Idaho Division of Career and Technical Education and the Idaho Department of Education.

Our Business Partners: Optum Health, Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU), Sparklight, INL Battelle Energy Alliance, Micron Foundation and Trailers Plus are our lead sponsors in 2021.  For more information, download our flyer.

This program is managed as a strategic partnership between five agencies led by Idaho Out-of-School Network (ION) and the University of Idaho Extension 4-H Youth Leadership program(UI). Leadership for the program is shared under a Memorandum of Understanding Idaho's pilot program will include 8 to 10 labs deployed across the state by summer of 2021. These pilot labs will be operated by the UI, ION and selected Hosting Organizations.


Collaboration in Motion

TMC Labs is a trademark of Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, Nebraska After School Bells and is licensed to ION and UI for non-commercial educational purposes.


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The Idaho TMC Project goal is to improve STEM learning across the state. 

These mobile maker labs will be “pop up” hands-on activity centers tailored to the needs of targeted communities, and easily expanding for use in outdoor spaces, gymnasiums and arenas. Dozens of labs will be placed in communities across the state to provide robust, hands-on STEM activities.

Our Impacts:

  • Engage over 10,000 youth per year in STEM activities
  • Train hundreds of new or nontraditional STEM educators
  • Replicate effective STEM learning techniques across the state.
  • Help rural and underserved communities develop their technical skills and resources.

Access to STEM Learning


Professional Support


Work Force Development

Idaho's TMC mobile-maker labs are a flexible platform for STEAM learning inside a enclosed 7 ft X 14 ft utility trailer. It is designed to store and transport a world of STEAM wonders to Idaho's youth.

Welcome Aboard! The University of Idaho Extension 4-H Youth Program and ION are seeking more partners to help us spark a love of STEM education across Idaho.

Agencies, businesses and corporate supporters can help by donating materials, in-kind services, or direct financial support.

Partners contributing $20,000 or more will have their logos prominently displaced on labs, and included in promotional activities.

Sponsorships that can be matched by the Idaho STEM Action Center are especially valuable to our success. To qualify for matching funds, checks should be must be made out to the Idaho STEM AC or the Idaho STEM AC Foundation. Contact ION Director Anna Almerico for details.