Power Up Scholarship Opportunity: Apply now for financial assistance to attend the upcoming Power Up Summit. Open to individuals in need, ensuring everyone has the chance to participate and benefit.

JUMP is located at 1000 W. Myrtle Street in downtown Boise. The Power Up Summit takes place entirely on levels 5 and 6 of the JUMP campus.

The JUMP Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a systematic and comprehensive document that outlines procedures for responding to and managing various emergencies while on the Jump Campus. The plan includes key emergency personnel, communication methods, evacuation procedures, first aid procedures, emergency response teams, emergency exits, and recovery strategies. The goal of the JUMP EAP is to ensure that all individuals involved in an emergency know what to do, where to go, and how to respond in order to minimize harm and damage. Please take a minute to review the JUMP EAP before attending the Power Up Summit. 

Tractor Collection

In 1998, J. R. Simplot attended a tractor and antique farm
equipment auction in Billings, Montana at a place called
Oscar’s Dreamland. The auction was billed as the largest
private tractor and steam engine sale in the world with
nearly 6,000 people in attendance, over 2,000 of which were
registered bidders.

Over the course of three days, J. R. purchased around
110 antique tractors and steam engines along with other
miscellaneous antique farming equipment. J. R. had plans to
build an agricultural history museum where people would be
able to see these machines and teach younger generations
how we got to where we are today.

When J. R. passed away in 2008, he left behind not only his
legacy but also a collection of vintage tractors. While deciding
what to do with these tractors a new idea emerged. Why not
build a lively community space where the tractors can be
appreciated for more than just their history. They also can
be seen as inspiring works of human ingenuity, which have
helped cultivate the world we know today and inspire the
world of tomorrow.

JUMP showcases 51 vintage steam engines and tractors dating
as far back as 1885. These inspiring examples of industrial art
and innovation connect our agricultural roots to the future of
downtown Boise.

JUMP is centrally located in the heart of downtown Boise. ION has blocks of rooms at the sister hotels listed to the left. Both are within walking distance of JUMP. To ensure a room in the block, book early and use the group booking link by clicking the button under the hotel.

Parking at JUMP is limited. Attendees and exhibitors are encouraged to walk to JUMP when possible. 

Jennifer Redford

Jennifer is a Youth Service Consultant at the Idaho Commission for Libraries and has worked in public libraries for over ten years before assuming her current role.  She received a B.A. in English from Lewis-Clark State College and a Masters in Library Science from the University of Arizona.  Jennifer's family has lived in Idaho since it was a U.S. territory, and she grew up in Boise.  Her professional interests include youth and teen programs and services, library marketing, and leadership.  She used to have personal interests, but now she has children and would really just like more sleep and coffee.  Jennifer is currently serving as the ION Steering Committee president. 

Jon Swarthout

Swarthout launched an arts education career based in Idaho's Treasure Valley and began working with children ages 2-12, teaching in all education settings near and far. Hearing of the innovative work with children being done by Jacques d’Amboise and National Dance Institute, Jon was so moved by NDI’s mission statement that he immediately signed up for a teacher training, where he saw compelling ways to refine his own method and take it to the next level.

Swarthout’s dream was always to return to his hometown, where he believed he could have the most impact. In 1996 he became Director of Educational Outreach for the Idaho Dance Theater. In1996 he founded TRICA, the Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts, a multi-disciplined arts education program that has touched thousands of lives in the Northwest US.

In 2007, Swarthout acquired a 12,000 ft Romanesque-Baroque Stone Cathedral that was at risk of demolition and embarked upon a dream of transforming it into a children’s center for learning through the arts. In 2010 Swarthout became the father of twin daughters Ginger and Violet. Swarthout is working and raising his family in Boise, Idaho while making an impact on his community and beyond.

Matthew Emerzian

For the past 15 years, Matthew Emerzian has been on a mission to create a world where everyone embraces how much and why they matter. He is the bestselling author of four books and a highly sought-after keynote speaker, having taken the stage for Zoom, Google, Outreach, HP, Jack in the Box, Chili's, Genentech, Amgen, and more. His work has been hailed by Oprah.com, the Today Show, Fast Company, and several other media outlets. 

Matt is also the founder and CEO of Every Monday Matters (EMM), a non-profit organization that has impacted millions of lives. The EMM K-12 Education Program serves over 3 million students nationwide. The EMM Employee Engagement and Culture Program is changing the cultures of companies of all sizes. The EMM Senior Living Program brings dignity and purpose to our senior population, which deserves to know how much they matter and why. 

After achieving great success in the music industry as the SVP of Robert Kardashian's music marketing company and working on projects for the biggest artists in the world, including U2, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, and more, Matt woke up on a Monday morning with a massive panic attack that turned into chronic anxiety and depression. Realizing everything he thought mattered actually didn't, he set out on a journey to rediscover his life's purpose and why he matters. Matt realized that mattering is at the heart of everything and developed The Mattering Mindset - a methodology that has transformed countless lives, organizations and communities. 

Sabrina Sheikh

Sabrina joined the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) in February 2018 and currently coordinates IEL youth leadership and development portfolio, including specialized leadership development for Immigrant and Refugee Youth as well as the Next Generation Coalition (NGC), an alliance guided by IEL and led by emerging youth leaders to provide a platform for advancing the Community School strategy. NGC serves as a framework for IEL’s youth leadership development work, including youth connected to Community School initiatives, youth with disabilities, immigrant and refugee youth, and more.

Prior to joining IEL, Sabrina worked as a family and youth engagement specialist for Immigrant and Refugee Community Organizing in Portland, Oregon. While there, she was responsible for 40 African youth and families in middle and high school. She provided academic, social and emotional learning, and career exploration support for youth, while also providing translation support to families and helping them engage in their children’s schools. Sabrina graduated from Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with a BA in Communications and Public Policy and speaks fluent Somali.

Sherry Scheline

Sherry Scheline is the Director of The Donnelly Public Library. She was the National Innovator Of The Year by The Association Of Rural and Small Libraries in 2023. She has been championing After-School Programming since 2019 in what she refers to as the greatest little community on earth. Sherry runs a little library with a budget under $80,000 and around 1000 square feet. She has learned to do a lot with a little. The Donnelly Public Library runs a 5-day-a-week After-School Program serving 20 children. Sherry has spoken across the nation about the need for after-school programming and the necessity for continuing education after the bell, especially in small and rural communities where resources are limited. Her heart for her community is unmatched, but she cheers on programming around the Nation. She was also the proud recipient of the 2023 ION After-School Champion Award.

Daniel Hatcher

Daniel Hatcher is Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, where he has served since 2008. During his time at Healthier Generation, Daniel developed and led a national youth advisory board and helped create afterschool standards for healthy eating and physical activity. Previously, Daniel served as Director of Outreach at Youth Service America, where he supported a youth advisory council and helped organize Global Youth Service Day. Daniel has a BA in International Relations and a Master of Public Health from Western Kentucky University. In 2022, Daniel became a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide.

Katie Francis

My professional journey has revolved around my love for working with children, especially working with the toughest crowd. I am deeply passionate about providing opportunity and education for all to drive meaningful change. I have experienced education in many avenues including Principal, District Administrator (School Safety and Social Emotional Learning), Instructional Coach, and classroom teacher. I hold certifications as a Trauma-Informed and Resilient-Focused trainer (Education and Clinical), Community Resilience Model trainer, and Making Sense of Your Worth Facilitator. I have worked in education for the last 14 years and have made the shift to non-profit leadership as the Strategy & Development Director for the Idaho Resilience Project. I have also leveraged my diverse educational background to lead The Resilient Schools Project, which is dedicated to removing barriers and fostering resilience among children across Idaho's educational landscape.

Camille Platts-McPharlin

Camille Platts-McPharlin serves as the MER Institute Semiconductor for All Project Manager, ensuring streamlined workforce development opportunities at Boise State for the semiconductor industry in Idaho. Her background includes 10 years of experience in formal and informal K-12 STEM education and science communication. She earned a B.S. in Forestry from Northern Arizona University and an M.Sc. in Science Communication and Public Engagement from University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Camille has a strong drive to make STEM opportunities accessible to all.

Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman is the Executive Director of the Idaho Children's Trust Fund, also the state affiliate of Prevent Child Abuse America. Under Roger's leadership, the Trust has greatly expanded its efforts to prevent child sexual abuse, introduced new ways of preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome, and engaged educators, physicians, and others around trauma-informed care, ACEs, resilience, and strengthening families. The Trust Fund has also led efforts promoting the science of HOPE or Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences.

He has worked with schools and other organizations statewide in his current role and previously as a community organizer from 1979-2007. Roger was named the Child Advocate of the Year 2017 as the recipient of the Jerry Hirschfeld Special Achievement Award from the Idaho chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He serves on the boards of the Idaho Resilience Project, the Children’s Trust Fund Alliance and the Boise Farmers Market. Roger is married and has three daughters.

Lisa Wisham

Hortensia Hernandez

Hortensia Hernandez (she/her) is a Client Engagement Associate at the Children’s Aid National Center for Community Schools based out of Idaho. Serving in various roles throughout her community school journey, Hortensia, as community school coordinator, helped start Caldwell School District’s very first community school in 2017. She then led her district’s community school expansion in 2021 as the district’s community school coordinator. Hortensia also leveraged the community school strategy to effectively address chronic absence rates in her school. She built partnerships with local and national experts to rethink how attendance was addressed in her school community. Coming from rural Idaho, Hortensia brings her systems expertise and practice-based experiences to help school communities across the nation implement their own community school strategy, achieve their goals, and build capacity. Hortensia has her Bachelor of Arts from The College of Idaho.

Andrew Fletcher

I get to be Andrew Fletcher. Every single day of my life. I believe that kids and adults need moments to have fun, enjoy life, try new things, play games, be silly, and connect with others. For the past 14 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to create these moments out-of-school time programs throughout Idaho. I have been in a variety of out-of-school time roles, such as a Site Coordinator, Chair of the Idaho Out-of-School Network, a Fellow for the National Institute of Out-of-School Time, a Program Director, a State Coordinator for the State Department of Education, and now, the Executive Director of the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. I love learning and have degrees in Professional Writing, Philosophy, and Educational Leadership. Let’s have some fun and learn together!

Natalia DiGiosia

Natalia DiGiosia is the Grants and Compliance Coordinator for the Idaho Out-of-School Network. Overseeing ION's granting programs, Natalia approaches grants from both the proposal and the funder, or more simply, the writer and the reader. Natalia attended BSU and studied Technical Writing and Rhetoric. She sees grants as the crucial link between organizations doing meaningful work and funders who want to contribute. Through her work with Premio Services, a grant consulting firm in Boise, Natalia has taught grant workshops at events around Boise, such as the Idaho Women in Business Luncheon and for the City of Boise Department of Arts & History. Natalia enjoys teaching and sharing resources about grants with all who are interested.

William Chidester

William Chidester is an accomplished professional who serves as the area director for the child development branch at the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. With a solid educational foundation in Mathematics and Education, he earned his Bachelor's degree before embarking on a career dedicated to youth development. With over 15 years of experience in out-of-school programming, William is passionate about creating engaging and enriching childhood experiences. His commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a supportive learning environment makes him a valued leader in the field of child development.

Nicole Pratt

Nicole Pratt is a Child Development Area Director in Canyon County for the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. Nicole has worked with youth and their families within the YMCA for nearly 15 years. With a BA in Early Childhood Education, she embraces and empowers those within the community to be the best they can be through supportive and positive environments.

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The Idaho Out-of-School Network Power Up Summit is the premier convening of programs, leaders, and educators celebrating out-of-school learning from across the state of Idaho. We invite exhibitors to join us in creating a summit where people come to connect, create, and invest in more opportunities for young people.

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Welcome to the STEM Expo for Out-of-School Providers! Immerse yourself in a dynamic world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our expo is designed exclusively for dedicated educators like you, offering a unique hands-on learning experience. Engage in interactive activities and demonstrations that will ignite your passion for STEM education. Discover innovative teaching methods, cutting-edge resources, and practical strategies to inspire and empower your students. Join us for an enlightening journey into the realms of discovery and creativity, and leave with ideas to elevate your afterschool STEM programs. Unleash the potential of tomorrow's leaders through the power of hands-on learning – because the future starts with educators like you!  

*The STEM Expo is included with your summit registration!