ION's Annual Power Up Summit- the only statewide conference dedicated solely to out-of-school time- will be held September 29th - 30th at the Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel in Pocatello, Idaho. This year's theme is "Plug In and Partner Up."

About the Summit: Our conference is for those who run programs or offer services that youth may access out-of-school: summer, afterschool, camps, or even online.

 Registration for the Power Up Summit includes access to both days of the conference including all meals. Register for the early bird rate of $100 per person through August 12, 2022. Starting August 13, 2022, tickets will be $150 per person.

Interested persons should fill out a scholarship request form BEFORE registering. ION will consider and upon approval provide a code to use for registration. Scholarships will cover 100% of early bird registration fee. The code will be for a limit of 1 per person. Last day to apply for a scholarship is August 31st.

 Registration for the Power Up Summit includes access to both days of the conference including all meals. Register for the early bird rate of $100 per person through August 12, 2022. Starting August 13, 2022, tickets will be $150 per person.


11:00 am - 12:00 pm: Registration and Lunch

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm: Opening Plenary and Keynote

1:15 pm - 2:30 pm: STEM Expo

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm: Breakout Session

3:30 pm - 3:45 pm: Break

3:45 pm - 5:00 pm: Breakout Session


8:00 am - 8:30 am: Registration and Breakfast

8:30 am - 9:00 am: Welcome and Breakfast of Champions

9:00 am - 9:10 am: Youth Speaker

9:10 am - 10:20 am: Policy Maker Panel

10:20 am- 10:30 am: Break

10:30 am - 11:30 am: Breakout Session

11:30 am - 1:20 pm: Lunch and Keynote

1:20 pm - 1:30 pm: Break

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm: Breakout Session

2:30 pm - 2:45 pm: Break

2:45 pm - 3:45 pm: Breakout Session

3:45 pm - 4:00 pm: Break

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Final Plenary and Keynote



Andrew Fletcher is the Associate Executive Director of Child Development for the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. He supports 29 early childhood and school age programs throughout Treasure Valley. He is also the Chair of the Idaho-of-School Network and has been involved with ION for the past 6 years. With a M.Ed in Educational Leadership and 12 years in the out-of-school time field, he is passionate in helping youth learn, play, thrive, and grow. His favorite thing to do is run, read, and kitchen science activities with his two boys.



Dipesh Navsaria, MPH, MSLIS, MD is a pediatrician working in the public interest. He blends the roles of physician, occasional children's librarian, educator, public health professional and child health advocate.  With graduate degrees in public health, children’s librarianship, physician assistant studies, and medicine, he brings a unique combination of interests and experience together.

An associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, he has practiced primary care pediatrics in a variety of settings with special interest in underserved populations.  With a graduate degree in children’s librarianship, he has the right skill set to be the founding medical director of Reach Out and Read Wisconsin and the founder and director of the Pediatric Early Literacy Projects at the University of Wisconsin.

He lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his family. He has a lovely, supportive wife and two children.  They not only put up with his sense of humor, they encourage it!  Well, at least his wife does — his teenage children now just roll their eyes.

Committed to understanding how basic science can translate into busy primary-care settings via population health concepts and policy initiatives, Dr. Navsaria aims to educate the next generation of those who work with children and families in realizing how their professional roles include being involved in larger concepts of social policy and how they may affect the cognitive and socioemotional development of children for their future benefit.

Alex Brooks and Janice Alexander are the Education Program Coordinators at the Foothills Learning Center and Boise Urban Garden School. Between the two of them they have over 20 years of experience in outdoor education. Their organizations are passionate about getting youth and adults into nature in order to learn about more about themselves and their communities.

Kaywin is a Computer Science teacher at Burley Junior High School, an out of school volunteer, and owner/proprietor for Edumorphic. Kaywin earned a Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University - Portland, Oregon, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas. She has numerous industry certifications such as Google Educator Level 1 & 2, Common Sense Media Educator, Microsoft Educator, Educator. She is also a fan of Scratch/Micro:bit/Adafruit/Girls Who Code/AI for All, and CS for All.

Anna Almerico Headshot

Corey Crownhart is the Alliance Director with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Idaho. Committed to making his community a thriving place for youth, he has consistently dedicated himself to causes closest to his heart. With the Boys & Girls Clubs, Corey supports various youth development programs and strategic partnerships to tackle social struggles, systemic and generational trauma, as well as the overall challenges faced by at-risk youth today. Corey has over ten years of small and large group facilitation experience in the nonprofit sector. Starting as an outdoor adventure guide and onward to experiential learning facilitation, he has instilled positive character in each group he leads. Corey earned his Bachelors of Science, Political Science from Boise State University, and his Masters of Science, Management and Leadership from Western Governors University. Corey resides in beautiful Spokane, Washington, with his supportive partner, Heather, and his wonderful daughter, Eleanor.

Bri DeMaree (they/them/their) is a Library Assistant at Meridian Library District. They are a writer and editor and they enjoy connecting with library patrons over books, writing, manga, and fandoms. Bri and Jenny Liebig have facilitated the Queer-Straight Alliance at MLD since 2018. During the pandemic QSA moved to an online format, but whether virtual or in person each QSA meeting is full of lively discussions, ranting and raving, and a supportive and enthusiastic community of teens.

Micaela de Loyola-Carkin is the Project Coordinator at Serve Idaho, serves as Treasurer for SWIDOVS and has over fourteen years of experience in Volunteer Management. She has experience in developing and expanding programs, collaborating with stakeholders, database administration and event management. Southwest Idaho Directors of Volunteer Services (SWIDOVS) is a nonprofit organization where volunteer management professionals work together to become great leaders and effective employees. 



Kim Kane, MPA is the current GLS Project Director for the Idaho Lives Project (ILP), a project of the Idaho State Department of Education, funded by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW). Kim is the first and former Suicide Prevention Program Manager at IDHW, former Program Director of ILP, and former Executive Director of SPAN Idaho—Idaho’s first statewide suicide prevention program. She is the co-founder of the Idaho Governor’s and a nationally-certified Sources of Strength trainer. Her Idaho-specific gatekeeper, training-Suicide Prevention Fundamentals Instruction, receives accolades from our schools and state organizations.

Jenny Liebig (she/her/hers) is the Teen Specialist at Meridian Library District. She loves that the library is the perfect place to combine her background in teaching, science, and art. Jenny and Bri DeMaree have facilitated the Queer-Straight Alliance at MLD since 2018. During the pandemic QSA moved to an online format, but whether virtual or in person each QSA meeting is full of lively discussions, ranting and raving, and a supportive and enthusiastic community of teens.

Connie J. Miller M.S. CCC-SLP, is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Idaho State University in the Communication Science Department. She is a native of Southeastern Idaho and has been a practicing Speech Language Pathology for 29 years. She has practiced in Utah, New Mexico, Montana, and Idaho in a variety of settings including hospitals, home health, VA, head start, and public schools. For the past 8 years she has studied Social Thinking Methodology based on the research by Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr. Pam Crooke. Prior to her work at ISU she implemented a program to teach these skills in the schools she served. Implementation of this program led to a noticeable improvement in the student’s social regulations and interactions, and in other academic areas. In cohort with her colleagues, she has extended her work to create Accessing Social Communication (ASC) groups within Speech Therapy clinic which allows graduate students to work with clients to improve their social cognitive skills. Outside of her professional pursuits, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, making chocolates, and exploring the great outdoors.

Hayley Regan is the Collaboration Coordinator at United Way of Treasure Valley.

Monica Reyna serves as the Violence Prevention Coordinator at The Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. One of her favorite parts of her job is supervising the Every Teen Counts teen interns. Monica believes that everyone has a role in ending violence in their communities, and that when we work together we have the power to change our culture and world. She received her Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Idaho. She has an MA in Sociology, with a focus on Applied and Public Sociology from Loyola University Chicago.

As an Area Extension Educator for the University of Idaho Extension 4-H, Claire Sponseller’s role includes community engagement, collaborative partnerships, and expanding STEM education across the state of Idaho. Having worked in Extension and 4-H for over 16 years, she understands the dynamics demanded of informal educators. Claire loves her role of supporting out-of-school educators to deliver quality, hands-on, informal education. When she is not working, Claire is found with her family doing anything outdoors, from horseback riding, kayaking, camping, gardening or just simply reading in a hammock.

Lisa Wisham is a Research Associate for the Utah Education Policy Center at the University of Utah. As a member of the Bridgeworks School Improvement Team, she co-designs and co-facilitates professional learning opportunities for school turnaround leaders, supports school leadership teams through individual and team coaching opportunities, and guides school leadership teams and their faculties through the 90-day school improvement planning process. Additionally, she engages teachers working in turnaround schools in monthly implementation cycles through data collection, data review, and continuous adjustment within the classrooms to maximize student success. Lisa also works with the UEPC evaluation team as they use student and program data to help afterschool program staff make thoughtful decisions and intentional adjustments based on their data.

Michelle Youngquist is the Education Program Manager for the Idaho Forest Products Commission and state coordinator for Project Learning Tree, where she has served since 1994. She earned an M.S. in Natural Resources from The University of Michigan, and a B.A. in Biology and Secondary Education at Augustana College in South Dakota. She has taught 7th-12th grade public school science, taught field science to students of all ages at Keystone Science School in Colorado, and has worked as a naturalist at state and national parks. Youngquist has designed and led numerous professional development courses for educators and others who work with youth.



Alex Brooks and Janice Alexander are the Education Program Coordinators at the Foothills Learning Center and Boise Urban Garden School. Between the two of them they have over 20 years of experience in outdoor education. Their organizations are passionate about getting youth and adults into nature in order to learn about more about themselves and their communities.

Tracy Darling-DeMarcus is the prevention program manager for the Women’s and Children’s Alliance (WCA). Tracy oversees the WCA’s violence prevention program, which includes the Youth REPs, a leadership and volunteer experience for Treasure Valley high school students. Tracy believes that we all play a part in making our community a safer, healthier place where everyone can thrive. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Black Hills State University and has worked in the field of gender-based violence since 2013.



Emily McDowell has been working in program evaluation for the past six years, learning and partnering with community-based organizations to help them more effectively and equitably serve their community members. Prior to joining the UEPC, she was with the Center for Social Development and Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston where she led a variety of projects focused on the inclusion of youth with disabilities in schools, after-school programs, and camp settings. She has collaborated locally and nationally with Special Olympics, the American Camp Association, YMCAs, and JCCs.

Breakouts Header

Presented by Million Girls Moonshot. More information about this session coming soon. Click here to learn more about Million Girls Moonshot.

Presented by Kaywin Cottle- Burley Jr High and Edumorphic. An introduction to Artificial Intelligence and resources to learn how AI and Machine Learning are impacting our world, lives and work. This session will share resources from ISTE and other curated resources that are age appropriate for kids 6-18.

Presented by Alex Brooks and Janice Alexander- Foothills Learning Center and Boise Urban Garden School. Have you ever wanted to bring your students or participants outdoors? Not sure what to do with them? Worried about the weather? We will cover the benefits of bringing your program outdoors and give you a few ideas on how to easily lead outdoor activities. We will head outdoors to do a sampling of activities and work in groups to brainstorm how you could use the outdoors in your program. We will also showcase the programs available through Boise Parks and Recreation Environmental Education.

Presented by Michelle Youngquist- Project Learning Tree/IFPC. In this session, we'll head outside to explore the local environment through hands-on activities using tools you have readily available. We'll also discuss ways to involve youth in improving their school yards and community. You'll leave with proven activities that you're eager to use with learners right away.

Presented by Claire Sponseller- University of Idaho Extension 4-H. Take chances & make mistakes! Create Hands-on Learning that Engages Youth and Adults

Presented by Lisa Wisham and Emily McDowell- Utah Education Policy Center, University of Utah. This interactive session will focus on using the Continuous Improvement Cycle to guide participants through a collaborative discussion of student and program data. Using the four essential elements of the cycle: Engage, Design, Implement, and Adjust, participants will explore various tools, strategies and resources to help them collect, analyze and use data to make necessary adjustments to student/program services and desired outcomes.

Presented by Jenny Liebig and Bri DeMaree- Meridian Library District. All our youth need safe and welcoming places to thrive. Idaho schools are often unsafe for LGBTQ+ students, and LGBTQ+ youth are at higher risk of depression and suicide. This risk goes down when youth are accepted by their families, peers, and communities. Providing a welcoming out-of-school space can make a positive difference in the lives of the youth in your program. Learn strategies and tips for ensuring that your out-of-school program is safe and welcoming for youth of all genders and sexual identities. Hear about tools and resources for fostering a healthy and equitable community as well as things we’ve learned facilitating the Queer-Straight Alliance at Meridian Library.

Presented by Monica Reyna- The Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Youth voice is an integral part of a successful after school program. In this workshop, participants will explore the varying levels of youth participation, assess their current strategies for meaningful youth engagement and identify opportunities for action within their organization or program. Authentic and meaningful engagement with youth in afterschool programs requires a deliberate and balanced approach. To maintain this balance, a program must consider a number of factors including: freedom of choice, information, decision-making power, responsibility and voice. In this breakout session, participants will explore the various components of youth participation, assess current strategies and identify opportunities to improve meaningful engagement with youth within

Presented by Optum. More information on this breakout session coming soon.

Presented by Hayley Regan- United Way of Treasure Valley. Collaborative leadership and practices can elevate the effectiveness of school and community based organization (CBO) partnerships. Learn how the development of a shared vision and goals, participatory practices, and collaborative problem solving can increase the benefits of partnerships between schools and Out of School Time providers. Join us as we explore the best practices of collaboration that have been instrumental in making the Community School Strategy, and the partnerships within the strategy, so effective in supporting the whole child. Session will include national and local examples of high impact partnerships between schools and Community Based Organizations providing out of school time learning.

Presented by Connie Miller- Idaho State University. Participants will participate in hands on interactive role-play and collaborative activities in order to gain an understanding of how the roots of social cognitive concepts enable the individual to better understand and achieve the fruits of more appropriate social behaviors/interactions.

Presented by Corey Crownhart- Boys & Girls Clubs of Idaho. We are bound to come into contact with trauma. The youth and families we serve have typically experienced some form of upheaval, whether it be homelessness, abuse, neglect, poverty, or some other crippling struggle that can define their lives. We teach our staff the duty to report or even how to be there for someone through our work, but rarely do we teach professionals how to manage the secondary trauma exposure they are likely to experience. Learn the crucial skills necessary for Secondary Trauma Stewardship. Utilizing a continuous improvement model built around the days of the week, participants will learn about five core practices; Inquiry, Perspective, Community, Self-Care, and Letting Go. Participants will walk away with practical strategies on how to implement a culture of trauma stewardship within their organizations.

Presented by Michaela de Loyola-Carkin- Serve Idaho. This session will provide best practices for organizations utilizing volunteers regarding recruitment, recognition, and retention. Under these pillars of volunteer management discussions will include: (1) Recruitment- orientation, handbook, training and policies and procedures, job descriptions, budget, background checks (2) Recognition- volunteer appreciation events, training, developing relationships (3) Retention- annual reviews, invest in systems, recognize impact, communication. The session will provide resources that participants can utilize after the session and will include available trainings, handouts, networking groups, etc.

Presented by Kim Kane- Idaho Lives Project. Keeping Youth Safe is a gatekeeper training which teaches participants about youth suicide in Idaho, how to intervene when youth become suicidal, how to get help, and what helps to keep youth from becoming suicidal in the first place. Keeping youth safe is really about increasing their sense of well-being and connecting them to the help they need and deserve.

Presented by Dr. Dipesh Navasaria. More information about this session coming soon.

Thank You To Our 2022 Sponsors & Partners!

 Vendors have the option to exhibit both days or choose either the 29th or the 30th. Vendors on the 29th should plan to participate in the STEM Expo. Registration is $50. More details can be found on the registration form. Please contact Wendy Wilson ( with questions.


777 Bannock Trail, Pocatello, ID 83202

This year's Summit will be held at the Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel and Event Center. The room rate is $139.32 (tax included) per night. If you are planning to book a room, please call 208-238-4800. Use the Booking Identification #9749.

While there is a regional airport in Pocatello, you can also fly to Boise (BOI) or Salt Lake City (SLC) and drive. It's about 2 hours 30 minutes from the Salt Lake Airport and 3 hours 20 minutes from the Boise airport.

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